Windy City Bags - Professional Boxes

We use the best materials money can buy and construct them to the highest standards in our industry. Windy City boxes are crafted in our 7,000 sq foot custom cabinet shop and painting facility. The same machinery we use to cut our box parts is used to cut customer cabinetry, precision automotive parts and camping equipment.

We use only 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood that retails at around $80 per sheet. Our CNC supplied cuts are exact. Our hinges and hardware are all brass. When you see the box, you will feel the pride in craftsmanship that we stand by. Gameplay on our boxes is unparalleled. Bags slide, they don't stick or bounce. The finish coats on the boxes are perfect. Joints are beveled to fit tight and exposed edges are routered.

We could use cheaper, inferior materials and construction techniques, but you don't deserve that do you?

It's hard to compete against cornhole perfection. For that reason alone, Windy City Bags has continually produced the Windy City tournament quality line of boxes to do just that. WCB Tournament Boxes are completed with a rock hard, durable clear coat finish to make them ready to play the second you tear them out of the box.

WCB boxes are easily identifiable as the Mercedes Benz of the bean toss industry. With our trademark cup holder (ultra-lite boxes only), our white hole highlight, and possibly a custom vinyl logo to show your allegiance you will turn the heads of all the bag playing wannabes and hot co-eds alike.

Once you have played on and shown off the WCB Tournament Boxes, you will never go back.

We repeat......YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK!

You are the Bagman! You deserve the best!

Two Unparalleled Box Styles

Windy City Collapsible

The best designed and constructed collapsible box set on the market, the WCB Collapsible is made completely from cabinet grade, 3/4 inch plywood giving it uncompromising professional playability, in a form factor that is compact and light, but also as durable as any other full-sized box on the market. The secret is a single double hinge, double bracket rear leg. This allows the box to sit level and wobble free on virtually any playing surface. It also creates fewer moving parts to stress and break. Put
them to the test. We are confident you will find that WCB collapsibles play better, and are even more durable than any other boxes on the market.

Windy City Ultra-lite

The new top end standard in the bean toss universe, the Ultra-lite features computer cut-out sides to reduce overall weight by nearly 30%. All this and 4 cup holders on each box.

This series is unquestionably identifiable from any angle as a Windy City original. No other box on the market looks like it, or plays like it. We guarantee you will be the envy on the bagger circuit when you swagger into the party with a set of custom, Windy City Ultra-lite boxes and bags.

There is no doubt, YOU are the bagman!